Why You Should Kitesurf in Vietnam

These days, kitesporting has been getting much popularity among water sports lovers, and kitesurfing in Vietnam is regarded as one of the best in the world. Vietnam is, just like Thailand, a perfect spot if you wish to combine kitesurfing and discovering the country (along with friends or family). It may be a pity to not soak up at least any Vietnamese culture and payasages when you are there.

The living costs in Vietnam is incredibly cheap. When it comes to Vietnamese, they could be fairly dishonest and insistent in tourist spots, however are very friendly and warm whenever you sink a bit in the countryside.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a Vietnamese spot which gives great kitesurfing for newbies or something that’s much more suitable for skilled kiteboarders, Mui Né is most likely the best spot to base yourself. This resort town, located by the South China Sea around the Southeastern portion of Vietnam, includes a truly chilled and friendly vibe.

There’s evidently a great blend of locals, kiters on holiday, and tourists making their way into Asia in Mui Né. It’s lengthy beach, layered with palm-trees, and steady wind conditions make it the excellent spot for kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, as well as a number of other water-based sports.

Mainly because of where it is located geographically, Mui Né is a favorite weekend escape for people residing, working, or visiting Ho Chi Minh. The town is nicely equipped to deal with tourists having its numerous hotels, restaurants, as well as shops. In case you’re seeking to travel around Vietnam and try out a place of kitesurfing when you’re at it, have this spot in your itinerary.

Best Time for Kitesurfing in Vietnam

The very best months to try kitesurfing in Vietnam beginning from November to April given that the winds blowing usually aren’t very strong. However the actual months are in December as well as March in which you could find the best possible wind speed for newbies.

You could also go on the rainy weather when they’re active for the period of July and August. However in case you visit Vietnam around September, October, November or December then there may be a chance that you may come across high waves that can cause a problem to your kitesurfing plans. If you desire to go kitesurfing during summer, the summer season usually lasts from May to October.

What could you expect when kitesurfing in Vietnam?

Within the last few decade, Vietnam has established itself as among the best kiteboarding spots throughout Asia (you could double that number in case you think about the windsurfing nomads who’ve been coming for twenty years or maybe more).

While Mui Ne has always been a top spot for powerful wind lovers, surfer individuals, and salty dogs, you can find a bunch of other amazing kite spots in Vietnam which tend to slip under the radar.